Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Curly Horse from a photo by Kim Santinifor

Painted in Acrylics from a photograph by
Kim Santinifor, for The Virtual Party.  I didn't paint it until yesterday, which was a day late for the deadline, but I thought I would post it on my blog anyway.

If I had done this in my "usual" style it would be much more fussy, so I am kind of proud that I was able to do an animal in a "quick and dirty" fashion.


  1. And you pulled it off in style with minimal descriptive brushstrokes....! I laughed when I read 'quick and dirty'. I haven't heard that phrase since I worked in the advertising industry - we used to do in-house Q&D research among the staff to prove some tenuous marketing 'truth' to ourselves and our clients!

  2. And such a cool view too! Wonderful work, Charlotte!!

  3. Hi Charlotte! Great painting - sorry you had problems 'joining' officially but I'm glad you painted anyway! I hope we've worked out the bugs so if you go back to the pARTy blog try the email address again, drop us a line so that we can get things sorted out for you, for next time!