Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Kachina Doll

I haven't been able to paint since I got back from Iceland, so I thought I would paint a picture of a Kachina Doll I own.  This is Koyemsi, a mudhead.  He's a Hopi Kachina Doll, I'm very fond of the mudheads, I was at a Pueblo one Christmas an got to see a dance where mudheads performed, it was fabulous.


  1. I really like this little doll - he seems to have an animated presence! I am learning so much about N. American culture from your blog -I'm now off to Google 'Koyemsi'!

  2. What a great painting, Charlotte! Thank you too for the bit of history. I love learning new things!

  3. thank you guys! Anne, I think you'd do better googling Kachina Dolls, but maybe not... I think I'll Google Koyemsi LOL