Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Quick quick stuff.  It's good practice and I'm actually beginning to enjoy it.  Maybe I'll be doing a painting a day pretty soon.  Still working on 5 tourist paintings, they are all of "Historic Houses of KTN", and I don't enjoy doing them, but they sell well.

Going to Iceland tomorrow for a week.  Won't have a computer while I'm there.  Take care everybody and paint something while I'm gone <3<3


  1. I love this apple and the way you made the various highlight shapes and colors nearly abstract. Just gorgeous!

    Hope you have a great time in Iceland!

  2. This is a really good rendering of an apple! Great colour combinations. I am finding this sort of subject very difficult at present. Enjoy your trip to Iceland.

  3. What a great and crunchy looking apple, Charlotte!! It rather amuses me that you go from Alaska to Iceland! LOLOL Methinks you really like the cold! Can't wait to see your historic paintings!!