Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's raining like crazy, nothing new, so I've decided to paint things around my little abode instead of using photographs.  These are some antique salt and pepper shakers I've had for a long time.  Acrylic's of course, on cardstock.  I'm getting faster also.  My sister and I are going to take a painting workshop in May, I'm very excited about it even though it is months away. But it will be in sunny California yipee!


  1. I love these, Charlotte! I cannot remember what this kind of glass is called, but it sure has withstood the sands of time. I am excited for you to be going to California for a class! I just discovered a fairly local (next town over) watercolor guild. I really want to visit but am 'afeared' of attempting to paint in front of anyone. LOL

  2. Go for it Sherry! We had one for awhile in my town and even though I don't like watercolor it was fun to go to, and I actually learned some stuff. Unfortunately it disbanded soon after I started attending otherwise I might be painting in WC.

    I'd bet they have workshops and all kinds of "help" and friendly stuff. It's so nice to have other people working around you. You are such a wonderful person, I'm sure you will make a gazillion friends!

  3. I love this simple still life. Obviously working quickly suits you right now. The 'terracotta' brushstrokes contain the objects perfectly. Lucky you with a workshop to look forward to. I have been investigating them and the best ones are in the USA. Sniff! I'm just gagging for a trip across the pond to paint with a good group and Tutor.