Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brown Mountain

This mountain is "out the road".  We are having the 2nd snowfall of the winter the past 3 days. I took this photo the day I hiked an opposing mountain.  I was impressed with the cornice on this one.  I expect by now it has either fallen or grown by 3.  It will be interesting to go back and see.


  1. You live in Alaska and are only on your second snowfall of the winter? We've had quite a bit this year. Anyway, this is beautiful, Charlotte. I love the movement and the impressionistic strokes you've used. I was instantly reminded of Van Gogh!

  2. thanks Sherry, I'm about to give it up. just won't let myself, sigh. I guess you have your own troubles. I'm impressed you can keep on making these wonderful comments...

  3. Please don't give up, Charlotte. I love seeing your work. I can't give advice (oh so obviously), but you have some wonderful paintings! Stepping out of your comfort zone can only mean stretching and growth, right? You could even try different mediums to express your heart, or different methods when you aren't happy with the way a piece turns out. You've sold pieces, right? That says alot for your work, I daresay!