Thursday, March 4, 2010

For Studio Atelier

For Studio Atelier Blogspot, another photograph Challenge.  This was of a Malibu fountain.  I found it very difficult.  I have a hard time "editing" out details and get bogged down in them.  It took days before I could make myself try to paint it, and I don't like it at all.  But oh well... practice practice.  Gringo Zero says to paint things at least twice, which is very good advice and I've been trying to follow it, however I found this so distasteful that I can not do it again.


  1. Well, I think it certainly looks interesting, Charlotte. Beautiful colors and great spots of interest and beauty within. But I do know what you mean about not wanting to try a repeat of a painting! I feel that way every time I do one!

  2. I certainly couldn't repeat a painting - I consider that punishment. It's a very difficult scene to paint, but I think you have pulled off the water very well - Bravo for giving an ellipse a go!

  3. I really like your use of color here, especially the aqua green color in the fountain. This looks like a difficult subject to paint; but I'm sure it provided great practice with all the curves and lines. I agree that painting the same thing twice helps a lot and usually the second painting is better than the first; but only if you like what you're painting.