Saturday, March 27, 2010

Herring Seining in Sitka Sound 1975. Sitka, Alaska

It's herring season.  I found these pics of when
I was fishing on the Teresa K, and the Cape Falcon
made a set that filled up the tender Christian, us, and several other boats.  We had to brail back then,
nowadays they just pump the herring out of the net.

It was so exciting, they started the opening with a gun shot.  Boats got rammed, skiffs got rammed, nets got run over.  The wild wild west.  whoopee!


  1. Gosh, Charlotte, color me lost! Are these photos or paintings? They look like absolutely gorgeous paintings! Did you do them? Just stunning, either way. And you used to fish? I hear that is pretty tough work. I once knew someone up in WA who was an engineer (I think it was)...Yet every summer he took a leave of absence to fish up in Alaska. Do tell me more (I can't quite figure out the meaning of some what you are saying; sounds like a native's language!)

  2. No NO they are old photographs that I scanned. Somebody took them from another boat. I'm working on deck of the Teresa K. The photographs are starting to disintegrate, so I thought I better get them stored electronically. It sure was a good time in my life, looking back at it. The good old days and all that. I was pretty tough back then (but feminine haha).

  3. A tough, yet feminine, fisherman? Oh to have been a droplet of seafoam on that wall! LOL Personally then, I think you've got the makings of a couple of gorgeous paintings here then! (hint hint) Now...not sure if you are married, but if you are, did you meet your husband during this job?