Friday, April 9, 2010

Octosnag, or progress on my Snag

A snag is a tree that has died and starting to rot, but is still standing.  They are home to birds, small mammals, and many insects.  They have their place in the forest.  I love them, they are beautiful in my eyes.


  1. Oh!! Thanks for that explanation! You've made great progress here, Charlotte. I couldn't tell what I was looking at on the first show of this piece. I love your point of view here and that bleached out wood is gorgeous! I've seen a few people out here plant some sort of vine at the base of tree stumps (well, they are usually taller than your typical stump) and the vines grow up and over the dead tree and just look gorgeous! If I ever have a tree stump I aim to do the same. I love trees and it breaks my heart to see them damaged, hurt, or dying (dead). This gives them new life and supports the green!

  2. Now I know what a Snag is. Nice drama!