Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Old Man of The Sea From A Word A Day

"After Old Man of the Sea, the sea-god, who forced Sinbad to carry him on his shoulders and refused to dismount. In this story from The Arabian Nights, Sinbad the Sailor eventually released himself from his burden by getting the Old Man drunk."

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so everyday there is a new word in my e-mail. Today there was this picture and explanation.


  1. What a fabulous image, Charlotte! I'd heard of Sinbad and even the Old Man of the Sea. Couldn't have told you their story, though. Loved this little tidbit of an entry. How goes your painting?

  2. i'm dib dabbing away. today i'm getting on the ferry and heading to bellingham washington. so no internet for awhile. take care dear fabulous writer of all things positive *hug*

  3. Have a great time while we daub away in our little studios! Is this trip for the workshop - I thought I remembered California? Happy travels.