Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yesterday the sun was out. Today there's a blizzard

I wish I knew how to write text after inserting pictures in these blog things??


  1. Whose paintings, Charlotte? Your students'? When I insert photos, they always are automatically inserted at the top of the blog entry. I just highlight and cut them from that location and paste them where I want them. For me it always works best to write the words before that big long line of computerese (for the photo image insertion) or right after it, before the next photo. I never can seem to get the words lined up right when I do anything other than center the photos (you have the option on aligning the photos when you use the photo icon on the posting blog entry thing; I used to just paste links from photobucket, but I like being able to directly upload from the computer without having to go through a photo hosting site). Not sure if that helps any, but do let me know!!

  2. My pics, and thanks Sherry, I was counting on you. I always upload the pictures AND THEN try to write something. I guess I should write something and then upload the pictures. My browser is Safari so I don't have a long line of computerize... I just have a box where I can compose stuff and then an icon up above where I pick upload image. Gee, I thought that was standard for this Blogger... now I'm different is it for everybody, hmmmmm...