Monday, May 10, 2010

Horse, Cow, Dog with Balls: done at Esalen, Big Sur California

We went to Esalen in Big Sur.  It turned out to be a touchy feely painting thing.  Most of the people there were trying to get in touch with some sort of tortured inner spirit or something.  Their paintings looked a lot like Hieronymus Bosch paintings if they had the skill, otherwise they kind of turned out brownish/grey.  We were not allowed to talk to the other participants about their paintings, nor make comments.  The materials were tempera and caligraphy brushes, with one large stiff brush.  I was the odd painter.  The teacher and his assistant left me alone as I told them I was there because that's where my sister wanted to be.... The setting is gorgeous, on the cliffs, and the hot baths are lovely.  I finally got used to taking off my clothes in mixed company, it would have felt weird to wear a swimming suit.  The food is good and the price is very reasonable.  It was like a great big summer camp for adults.  Anyway I'm posting three paintings that I did that I can stand to have up on this blog, and that halfway "fit in" with the class, but only half way, maybe one sixteenth way.  hahaha.  but it was a wonderful trip.

Horses, Cow, and this picture has Balls.


  1. Love those eyes on the dog! I shrieked in terror at the thought of taking my clothes off in front of anyone!

  2. Welcome back! Glad you had a great trip. I also like the dog with the attitude and other things....!

  3. Hi! I must say I was in internet withdrawal the whole time but I expect it built my character, that and being able to undress in front of men and boys LOL. Yeah Sherry, my sister dragged me kicking and screaming to do that.... she said just pretend it's a locker room in the ladies side, so that's what I did, and it worked... after awhile it seemed really normal. Can't believe it now. We weren't allowed to take cameras to half of the areas at the place otherwise I'd have a lot of photos. But I understand why they wouldn't allow it. I was sad that we couldn't photograph the painting space as it was really cool. A huge yurt with skylights, a really great space. Too bad it wasn't painting to my taste, but my sister said next time we'll go to a Plein Aire workshop..