Friday, June 25, 2010

Ketchikan Tour, Dolly's House

It's tourist season, and Dolly's House is a popular attraction.  Follow the link above and take a tour of my town.

Acrylic on cardstock


  1. Alas, I am having blogspot issues (not loading well) and cannot see a link. That said, I recall Dolly's house in previous paintings. It must be just gorgeous up in your neck of the woods! Or so these paintings show!

  2. I took a tour of Ketchikan with the little yellow Google Man and your town looks like a story book to me - so different from where I live in a big world capital. I like all your recent work (proflic lady!!!) - haven't checked in for a while as I've had my head immersed in the day job and domestic matters.

  3. Yes, I live in Podunk USA. But I do get "out" and see the world, and there is world class hiking, boating, fishing, mountains, etc. here, so except for the politics, it's a fairly nice place to live. I've been wondering about you Anne. Glad that you are fine. You haven't even been tweeting, that concerned me....