Monday, July 5, 2010

Finished Tree (I'm pretty sure :D)

Pretty sure this is the finished product.
I wonder how Gringozero can post so nicely and my script is all over the place ??? Also Sherry's Blog is so nice, and Anne's.  Sigh.... Sherry I know you tried to teach me one time, it just didn't take...


  1. I just love the wispy brush of leaves/needles in the front of this old tree. Beautiful work, Charlotte!

    As to the posting, I really just type what I want, then double enter so that the photo is in a spot of its own and not surrounded by words other than above and below the image, like this:

    Blah blah blah blah.

    More blah blah blah.

    Of course, when you upload the photo, it always automatically puts it at the top of your blog entry, so I highlight the computer lingo for the photo, right click and select "cut". Then I scroll back down to the spot I want it (leaving two lines between the writing above and below), where I'm going to right click again and select "paste." That is about it...

    Others might have better tips though...I just rather muddle through it and learn by making mistakes! LOLOL

  2. I like your blah blah blah's. Haha. I try doing what you tell me and the picture just disappears on me... I'm on a Mac Powerbook and I don't have a mouse, so no right click for me, just a touchpad... Anyway I like the way your blog looks, it's so nicely laid out and makes so much sense with the pictures where they ought to be. thanks for trying to help me <3. Actually when I upload the pictures it just puts them in the middle and sometimes right in the middle of whatever text I've written... I wonder what gives here??? *scratches head*

  3. Charlotte, I like the drama of this work - was it a late afternoon shot? It has that feel to it. I wish I could explain how to post without messing up the script. I always keep my pics separate from the copy and always set up the post in HTML and not the 'compose' tab. That way the photograph comes out in html and I think it can be moved around that way better than in 'compose'. Thank heavens I am not a teacher....!!! ;))