Friday, September 10, 2010

mostly finished Grizzly Bear

Top one is worked on more than lower one, but still missing something.


  1. Charlotte the top one does work better. Landscape excellent especially the fading mountains. Just a thought - do grizzlies have that hump on their backs? I put my hand over it to eliminate it and it works better but did this keeping in mind that I have no knowledge of bear physiology!! P.S. Are you painting New York on the VPO this month? ;))

  2. Here's a photo of a grizzly. Yes they do have humps. I guess I've exaggerated it, I could modify it. But I feel like that not the main problem, the foreground need more definition or something. more contrast maybe. (oh, and I'm not trying for "realism" in this painting). Thanks for your input.

    As for the VIP, I'm on the fence, all my paintings suck so bad, that I get very conflicted about challenges, sigh. I love yours!

  3. Thanks for putting up the pic Charlotte. I now see what is going on. It's difficult to 'lift up' paintings and I don't know what to do but the grizzly is lurking a bit, trying to 'hide'. Maybe darkening the bear's lower body behind the grasses and by painting some of the grasses in a lighter green to go over his lower face a bit like the pic...this might define the depth of the painting? My 2c.

    Your paintings don't suck!!!! I also wonder why I do challenges..I don't make any money out of them. Heheh.