Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Talked to the fellows

My camera was on the wrong setting, darn it! these guys live on the road, biking for war veterans.  I thought their story was pretty interesting.  People take care of them, I donated some money, just because....


  1. Charlotte - the wrong setting on the camera has given these photos a mysterious quality. I guess their lives would be pretty mysterious to an indoor gal like myself. I'm hearing some rough stories about War Vets these days. :-(

    P.S. Where were these taken?

  2. It was taken someplace outside of Gallup, New Mexico, kind of at a crossroads type of place. I couldn't believe they were biking on the highway with the huge trucks rushing by them. Those trucks kick up a big blast of wind, I was amazed they weren't blown off their bikes. I just had to talk to them.