Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Werner Herzog on Psychology - my feelings exactly

Psychology TodayDo you have any formal interest in psychology?
Werner Herzog: I loathe psychology as one of the major faults of our civilization nowadays. There’s something not right about this amount of introspection. I can only give you a metaphor: When you move into an apartment, you cannot start to illuminate every last corner with neon light. If there are no dark corners or hidden niches, your house becomes uninhabitable. Human beings who are trying to self-reflect and explore their innermost being to the last corner become uninhabitable people.
PTLet’s not forget that psychology isn’t just about introspection; it can shed light on other people.
Herzog: No, you can understand others by other means. By dint of compassion, you understand other people, and there is a concordance of hearts. That is something different. Move away from psychology and engage in concordance of hearts.

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  1. Very interesting - something for me to ponder. Thanks for putting up this little gem Charlotte. ;-)