Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Flickr Group, Lots of Landscapes

Maureen Nathan, a friend in Julia Kay's Party, has started a new group.  She's calling it Lots of Landscapes.  I am horrible at Landscapes.  We each post a photograph we've taken of the area where we live, and then we paint each other's photographs and post our paintings.  This is a painting of a photograph by an excellent artist named Mariah O'Neill.  It's acrylic and latex housepaint on newsprint.  I had a tortured time doing it.  I can tell the group is going to be good for me. :D


  1. A nice abstracted scene you've accomplished here Charlotte. The newsprint didn't buckle on you?

  2. Landscape is more difficult than I care to admit. You have a good composition here with lots of atmosphere. I look forward to seeing more. :-)