Saturday, March 5, 2011

For Julia Kay's Portrait Party

Done on cardboard with Acrylics and poster paint, about 16" x 24".  Is Flickr artist Treemade/Andrew Blandy.


  1. This portrait made me smile: the angle and the confrontational grin. Was the original pic at this angle? :-) (Left question on your holiday post).

  2. Awesome portrait yet again, Char. Gosh; I think you could make good money with your approach to portraits. They are phenomenal!

  3. @Anne - the pic I did this portrait from was cropped like this :D, and apparently alligators are NOT as aggressive as crocodiles. We were warned to watch out for their tails, but mostly they just sank into the water if we approached them.

    And thanks to you both for your support.