Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For Julia Kay's Portrait Party

Water soluble oil crayons on taped together construction paper of Flickr artist M. Lewandowski.  I loved her photographs, she had a bunch of totally fun ones.

In other news,  this blog has had its password stolen twice now, and then the e-mail associated with it has sent spam to everybody in its address book.  I do not know how this happens, but I'm glad gmail catches it quickly and locks me out and makes me change my password, props to them.  However I do know that I will no longer just leave the blog "open" anymore, I'll sign off when I leave.  Just a word to you folks.


  1. Oh my! This is awesome!!! I love your sense of humor and the photographer's (and the subject's) sense of humor as well. Thank you for the heads up on signing off of blogger. I never do that either so I will make a point of it from here on out.

  2. Super fun this one Charlotte and love the depiction of the cat. Just a point on Blogger spam - have you gone into your "Dashboard" on Blogger and made all comments "on approval only"? if you do this - it helps spam issues significantly.

  3. @Anne- they weren't spamming my blog, somehow they got my password, and then went into my e-mail and spammed everybody in my address book.... I am going to try and find out how this happens, I expect it from robo webcrawler somehow.... but leaving the blog wide open is what enables it. Hope that makes it clear.

    I'm going to Manitoba Canada today, and not taking my computer UGH. so see you when I get back <3