Saturday, April 30, 2011

For Rookie Painter

Done from a photograph posted on the Rookiepainter challenge blog.  I was going to give up the Challenge Blogs, but I'm a sucker for pears.  This is done on construction paper, with acrylics and colored pencils.  12x24".


  1. Oh boy! I do think this is gorgeous, Charlotte!

  2. You giving up challenges as well??? What's in the stars for us? I like your use of pencils over acrylic - I did my usual click for enlargement and got some tips - pear on left is super.

  3. oh dear, after I made that big announcement, one of the challenges has posted a Sunflower, and I just have to "do" that.... hah, I guess I'm not giving them up quite yet :D

    @Anne- I didn't use the pencils over the acrylics, I used them by themselves, and the acrylics around the pencils. The pears are all done in colored pencils, the other stuff is acrylic.

    Thanks for your comments to both of you. I guess things will work out for all of us, and maybe I won't be "giving up" anything, it may be just a "mood".

  4. Thanks for the technical information Charlotte. Yes..the mood. I have just noticed the VP has the Cote d'Azur as the place to visit this month....all that turquoise! Oh well!