Monday, July 11, 2011

Paddled around Pennock Island yesterday

One of the friends with me, crossing the channel
Took a picture of my knees on the backside of the Island just for fun.  They got soaking wet from paddling, as it was a borrowed kayak and had no spray skirt.  But it was a gorgeous day.


  1. Love the portrait, as I always do when you take one on. I imagine your knees got mighty cold! 'Course I don't know what summer in AK is like and maybe the wet knees felt good to cool you off?

  2. The last time I went paddling in a canoe was 20 years ago and I was stiff for a week afterwards. You must be very fit as that looks like a huge stretch of water Charlotte. :-)

  3. Hi friends. It is 6 miles plus or minus about Pennock Island. Luckily there was no wind, otherwise I would have been really hurting :D. I am pretty fit actually even though I complain constantly about how much better it was when I was younger.... it was a warm day, in the 70's Faranheit, 21 Celsuis, so the wet legs didn't feel bad at all, just wet LOL