Monday, August 1, 2011


The sun was out yesterday for the first time in a week, so a group of us women hiked up a mountain.  This is a picture of my feet as I was resting halfway back down.  Many of the hikes here are on boardwalks as the muskeg is so wet that a person can not really "walk" in them.  I am lying on the boardwalk, it was very comfortable after 4 miles of stairs :D.  The whole hike was 8 miles long.


  1. Oh to be so thin and have such musculature! Love this image, Charlotte, and am quite envious of your energy! With this frakkin' heat we've had for over a month, I couldn't even come close to a round trip up and down the block, let alone 8 miles!!

  2. Oh that looks like a glorious reward after such a long hike! Envious sitting in my office chair on my fat rear-end. :-)

  3. Haha, this was only halfway down. I insisted that we rest. One woman took off her shoes as her feet were swollen. We were all whining. It was a beautiful day, and great fun to be able to get out in the woods.

    Sherry, I feel blessed everyday to be in wet, "cold" Alaska, when I read about the temperatures that the lower 48 is undergoing. Believe me, I wouldn't trade my rain for that heat any day of the week.