Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Self Portrait - digital iPad

Done for fun, and lack of internet.  On my iPad with various apps.


  1. Love the downward pose, Charlotte. And the it Murilo Romeiro who participates in the Virtual Paintout? I always love his art. At least you had the IPad to keep your creative juices flowing!

  2. Yes it's Murilo. He's a great guy. He was the very first person whose portrait I painted. Yes I was thankful I had my computer, iPad, and iPod, but man oh man, did I miss the internet, and then when I couldn't even make a telephone call eeeeeyoowwwww..... and there were no other people around either.... solitary confinement in a beautiful place hahahaha. (well there were no other people around after the one day writing workshop anyway). I think it built my character :D