Thursday, October 27, 2011

Julia Kay's Portrait Party

josu maroto 2 for jkppDigital Speedpainting Portrait Demo of Erica St Leonards - xxv.x.xi - for jkpp - Revised and Improved Versiongail schorre for jkpp 001Clyde Semler - Oil - UnfinishedKelly WattsFrances Cuta
Maureen Nathan: 2011.10.26Linus Malmqvist  for JKPPEileen Chan for JKPPEileen Chan for JKPPMartin in BrusselsGail Schorre for JKPP
JKPP - NorailvaEileenJKPP - EileenChan HKNoraGailBarbara para JKPP
Maureen Nathan (Left-handed study/WIP/ After 45 minutes): 2011.10.26Maureen Nathan (Left-handed study/WIP/ After 15 minutes): 2011.10.26Susanne & Me in Brussels: 2011.10.26josu marotoNora IlvaSelf-Portrait

Julia Kay's Portrait Party, a group on Flickr.

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